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Chinese New Year may be the biggest holiday, but there are actually several other Chinese holidays that could have an impact on your business. If you're halfway around the world wondering why you should remember this, click here to download our travel planning guide with all the holiday dates you need to know.

You have analyzed your sales history for the past year, started to forecast, and are now working with your suppliers and manufacturing partners to begin planning for your upcoming China holidays. Immediately after CNY, it is under immense pressure and if your company has a new account in the factory, it is likely that your goods will be their last priority when it comes to shipping. The last thing you want is to undercut an order of goods that has quality problems when shipping directly in front of Cny. You are responsible for organizing your own logistics in China from your company to your customer's door.

When we asked Studio Architecture to design a building in Shantou, China for a New York fashion design company, the quality of the industrially manufactured objects in the building and the safety of our customers were our top priorities. To maintain a high level of quality and safety for our customers, most of the production has been moved from New York City and other major cities to Shantouchi, and most of this production is now being moved to Shantouchi China. If you purchase goods that are not imported into China but are not prohibited, MyUS can help you take additional steps to ensure safe shipping. When you order from a foreigner, commercial companies upload the product to their Alibaba site so you can buy it.

Although the Chinese New Year will be our first rodeo, we want to help keep our supply chain on track to minimize adverse impacts. We hope these 10 tips will reduce your CNY stress and contribute to a safer shopping experience for you and your family in Shantouchi, China.

Join us today and don't miss out on buying clothes, make-up, jewelry and homewares in our stores across the US. MyUS delivers goods to almost every city in the country, so you can shop online for free, even if you don't ship directly or internationally. If you buy goods from a US shopping site that does not ship them to China, we can deliver them directly to you in over 200 countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, India, Thailand, Nepal and Bhutan.

If you are importing toys and always want to buy large quantities of toys, Chenghai is one of the best cities to visit in China to buy toys.

Shantou is easy to reach and allows you to explore this vast and fascinating country in an easy way. It is convenient to reach other big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen and other cities in China by high speed train. Air Asia also flies from ShantOU to Kuala Lumpur, so there are more options for Malaysians who want to travel to the Shantos. You have a chaoshan, which is 40 minutes drive from the GTIIT campus and also serves as a stopover - starting point for the train to Guangdong, the capital of China's second largest city.

It is so easy to buy American products and ship them to China, and it costs much less than you think. With MyUS, you can shop in stores that do not offer international shipping, but it doesn't take long and your purchases will be shipped to CHN quickly. It becomes easier when you choose the toy you like and at the same time do your shopping so that your purchase is accumulated and waiting for payment at the checkout.

This will help you diversify your supply chain and it is possible that your manufacturer could find a replacement supplier during the Chinese holiday. For customers in East and West, we recommend that you provide your purchase forecast and order changes to ensure that you can implement the strategies necessary to keep your account full during the CNY period.

The Tropic of Cancer crosses the south of the city, making it a place to enjoy the mild winter in China. Remember that Vietnam celebrates its Lunar New Year holiday Tet, so you can plan well. Once you understand that China switches off almost everything for nothing during the CNY, you get absolutely nothing from China during the holiday season.

Three hours from Shantou lies Xiamen, which means "house with door," referring to its role as the gateway to China, formerly called Amoy.

This is a well-known shopping area, and there are more than 600 shops offering everything you want to buy. If you are interested in local specialties, there is also a flea market where you can buy various souvenirs, handicrafts and other items, the most famous being the "Shantou Handicraft Market" with over 1000 vendors. Stay in an upscale European-style location on Brand Street, located in the heart of Shantou, just a few blocks from the city center. On the north side of the central business district of Xiamen, near the main shopping centre, there are a variety of European-style shops selling clothes, accessories, leather goods, cosmetics and handicrafts sold by European shops. There are a number of restaurants, bars, cafes, restaurants and shops as well as a wide range of specialty shops.

More About Shantou

More About Shantou